About us


Tov Yahad is a non-profit organization that was established in order to enhance unity, solidarity, cooperation and connections among people, communities, organizations and societies.

Against the backdrop of the current upheavels in Israel and throughout the world in various spheres, Tov Yahad works to transform the mindset of separation, estrangement, alienation division and discrimination-unto awareness of togetherness and cooperation for common benefit.

Tov Yahad vision and strategy at a glance

Tov Yahad's vision is that of a society in which togetherness replaces/overcomes separation. Tov Yahad translates this vision into pragmatic actions, designed to bring about and enhance cooperation between individuals and groups, who are often unaware that they share common bonds, or who do not have the means or opportunities to forge common denominator and constructive relationships. Tov Yahad's activities enable these individuals and groups to build partnerships that are creative, productive, mutually beneficial and economically profitable.

Tov Yahad's principles of action

Tov Yahad's activities revolve around 4 main axes:

*Creating "Community Hothouses" *** for social entrepreneurs and providing professional follow up.

*Linking exixsting bodies and non-profit organizations, to create a vast, effective operational network.

*creating or linking to centers and encouraging individuals to join Tov Yahad centers-for meetings, encounters and activitis that will create ideas, groups and mutual activities.

*accompanying and assisting towns and cities whose members are imbued with a spirit of solidarity.

Details of Tov Yahad activities

Tov Yahad organization assists each community, hothouse or body in order to transform their common ideas and projects into sustainable reality by:

*providing professional advice, expertise and talent.

*providing professional instructions and training to improve and streamline the process of togetherness.

*establishing large scale networks and connections between individuals, bodies and institutions to help them find appropriate means and infrastructures.

Tov Yahad links communities and assists centers for consultations,encounters, transfer of information and development of joint ideas and activities.

Target audiences

Tov Yahad appeals to individuals and groups of various geographic locations, age and gender, who care and who have ideas to change society and make it a better place to live in together.

*** Community hothouses are organized among individuals and groups for the purpose of sharing ideas,products,services and common practices. The synergy of this vast reservoir of knowledge, skills, talents and connections is instrumental for building a healthier, more cohesive, creative, respectful and sensitive society that is better attuned to the community. Such communities respect and retain the unique character and make up of each individual and constituent group.